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11-19-2012, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by EvoLu7ioN View Post
This is where it's important to have a C with good defensive awareness that can help out.

But at the end of the day good offense beats good defense in NHL 13. If you have both it's just about being on attack more than the other guy.
Yeah well my starting center is hurt and dubinsky is pretty defensive and then my next center is johansen, who is also hurt. :/
Originally Posted by EvoLu7ioN View Post
Collapsing is definitely not the strat you want, that's just going to leave the slot unguarded
Didnt think about it like that. But even then they werent like high slot goals they were low slot just under the hashmarks wrists shots over masons glove. Just when I was getting my confidence back in him...

Originally Posted by avsfan89 View Post
take away the shot instead, the pass/cross crease is almost useless and by the time the opponent realizes the pass is open the player will either fan or not haven enough time to adjust to get a good shot off i always take the shooter now
Its so hard for me to do that. 15 years of goaltending experience tells me otherwise hahah. Its instinct to take away the center passing lane.

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