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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
So how do we set about judging that though?
How do we judge the effect his puck possession and control had on those Hab teams? Or how his positional defensive play instead of attacking prevented more goals?
I mean obviously it must have been much more effective than what was going on previously or it wouldn't have been copied so thoroughly.
We don't have, or at least I haven't seen anything for him in R-on/R-off numbers or ESGF/G or ESGA/G. Is there even enough info available to do it?

All we really have are articles from people saying how incredible he was at controlling a game and preventing goals. Along with his 7 Norris for doing it.
Pretty much the same as Lidstrom, right? To me, a lot of this stuff just cancels out unless you're giving a substantial originality bonus to Harvey... which I'm getting more reluctant to do now that I'm thinking of him as more of a technical trailblazer than a force of nature. Other than that, we could almost not create two more equally balanced players from such a diverse era. It's like everything between them just evens out, or boils down to guesswork.

At some point, hopefully soon, I want to dig up as much info as possible on Harvey to try and at least determine what seasons he was the #1, #2, #3 most important player on each of those Hab teams. And then do the same for Lidstrom, try and pin down exactly where he was in the pecking order that resulted in so much team success. My nightmare is that they'll be tied, but maybe there will be some kind of difference that would push one ahead of the other.

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