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Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
Sort of but they hadnt signed anything or fully agreed to the funding at that point. It was enough to get the thing moving forward, I still say it's an incredibly sweetheart deal for Katz and his failure to accept that is the best he was going to get is on him. We've come to a point where things have to be finalized to get construction started. The city has been clear on what they are willing to put into the project, Katz seems to just be asking for more and more. He cant complain about lack of action from the city they've been straight forward in this process. We're at an impasse and it's going to take action from him to move it forward if he wants as sweet a deal as he was originally offered. He stands to lose a lot if the city ends up building the arena on their own.
You gotta wonder if there is something wonky going on in his Empire. His whole approach has been so odd, to say the least. I have heard rumblings for a while about his Empire,but didnt put a lot of stock in them.
Now, I just dunno.

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