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11-19-2012, 03:28 PM
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GSP would need a long term strategic plan to get to 185 or any catch weight there about. If he does it, he's not going to jump weight for one fight, it'd be a permanent change to his game. One I don't think he wants to make. At best this fight is a year or two away. I don't see it being in GSP's interest at all. Nothing against GSP, he's outstanding, but there isn't a chance he'd go into this fight with a 50-50 chance or being a favorite. Having said that, I guess anything is possible, but the deck would be heavily stacked against him.

Sonnen is way bigger and a better wrestler. Sonnen doesn't have the skills GSP has in other areas though, but the idea that GSP would maul Silva because a much bigger and superior wrestler did so is wishful thinking. Sonnen is as elite a wrestler as there is, the problem with Sonnen is that he takes unnecessary risks that GSP wouldn't take, but in the end GSP wouldn't throw Silva around like he does WW's, no chance.

He had top position against Condit all night long, but was unable to inflict any major damage aside from the short elbow early. From a damage standpoint Condit held his own imo. Now damage isn't a scoring criteria and GSP definitely owned control of the fight, but he was unable to impose himself on Condit, I don't think he would have a chance against Silva, but anything is possible. He would have to work for take downs like he's never worked before, and would most likely endure plenty of damage of his own just to get to the ground.

This is a match up nightmare for GSP as it is for anyone fighting Silva, but the size difference compounds this for GSP. Silva would have a tougher time against lesser skilled MW's imo.

Anybody with a serious understanding of the sport would not favour GSP in this matchup, sorry.

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