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11-19-2012, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
And YET, here we have Niņo leading the team in points, in goal scoring and tied for second in assists. I think you're just the type of person who looks for the negative in everything. Niederreiter said before the season, I'm not a 3rd or 4th line grinder, I'm a sniper, I'm a 1st or 2nd line offensive player. And all he's done is gone out and proven what he said he was. After last year's disaster, it wouldn't have shocked me if he was ruined and had another ****** season. But no, he's gone out and showed what he's all about, shown that he is a TOP prospect ! I love the guy and he deserves just as much hype as Brock Nelson. Who is almost a year older than Niņo.

Jumping into goaltending, though I'm a HUGE Poulin fan, I have to believe the hype, Nilsson has been nothing but amazing since he's been in North America, he's been lights out in Bridgeport, and I truly believe it will cary over to the NHL. Can't wait to see him as a full time Isle's goalie.
And this tells me you are looking at a stat sheet, not the player on the ice.

I'm not a skeptic of the kid. He's a kid and he played poorly in the NHL last year. My point was he is STILL no NHL ready and would best be served playing the entire season in the AHL.

Much of the latter will be decided on how the CBA is written re bonuses applied to the cap vs. hard cash. The ONLY reason he played in the NHL last year.

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