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Originally Posted by CBJenga View Post
I didn't really follow the other lockouts that deeply, but was the definition of basketball-related revenue (BBRR) or football-related revenue (FBRR) as hot a topic as HRR has been? And how do those compare.

Looking at an article I saw on the other day, they talked about the panthers as a team, operating at a loss, but during the previous lockout, instead of gaining income, the ownership group had it's worst year ever. That doesn't really sound like the team is truly operating at a loss, just a loss under certain definitions. All of that, to me, suggests that is a very strong argument that the definition of HRR is very much slanted towards the ownership. If that isn't the case for the NBA/NFL, then while the NHL players may get 14% more of the "revenues" that revenue pie is defined to be a smaller portion of the "real" revenue pie that it would be under a more comparable definition, and perhaps that 14% makes up some of that difference?
Read the CBA on definitions and where there have been disputes on what is and is not included in HRR. With the exception of limited deductions allowed for pre-season expenses, I don't find much excluded that should be going to the players and isn't, and the players even got a cut of city subsidies from taxpayers to prop up two teams (definitely not HRR in the true sense). Fehr was the one who took the league to court on subsidies and is trumpeting that as one of his talking points. HRR may not be exact, but it is close and some of the deductions are very legitimate.

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