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Originally Posted by The Naz View Post
Bettman made a comment suggesting they should take a two week hiatus on negotiations. Whether it was a joke or he was adamant and he was told by everyone no, doesn't matter. He said it. That fact isn't wrong.

Whether or not he was kidding about wasting 2 more weeks of the lockout and guaranteeing thousands of people 2 more weeks of useless unemployment doesn't matter. But BTW, what do you mean that it was taken out of context? Or "mischaracterized"?

Bettman has also overseen 3 lockouts in the NHL in his reign. That is also a fact. Lupul ISN'T wrong in stating that fact.

Allowing people who've lost their jobs and have had to travel half way around the globe for work the RIGHT to speak their minds is some of the basics of a free and democratic society. Whether that person is right or wrong, rich or poor, they are entitled to speak their mind. Telling him to shut up now when we have a tool to speak to each other on a global scale without the hampering of those in control, is counter productive to a free society.

Freedom of speech is important.
Nobody said that what Lupul has said was wrong or that he couldn't say what he wanted to say. Yet, You must admit that his opinion is pretty biased and says nothing about the other side of the coin. Lupul brought up Gary Bettman's lockout record, well and good, but he looked a little dumb saying it when Fehrs lockout/strike record is 3 times worse. Nothing wrong with someone pointing that out in retort.

Saying anything negative about Lupul is hard for some because he's currently a Leaf. Others are able to see both sides objectively and know that both sides are being pretty stupid.

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