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11-19-2012, 03:56 PM
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This was covered quite heavily in a recent thread.

I believe the use of paper will diminish considerably in our lifetimes. I worked in an office that printed off everything multiple times and stored documents on paper in a vault. DVD or Bluray (which will soon be a very cheap permanent storage option) would be just as suitable for permanent storage considering a huge room of paper is a fire hazard and paper ages terribly. I'd like to believe that 20 years from now use of paper in a commercial/industrial setting will be almost non-existent. There will always be uses for it though, such as art, education (you're not going to give a child a tablet to learn to write on any time soon), and basic things like signs where paper will almost always be more cost effective at least in the short term (for small businesses, etc).

So there's no real answer to your question. I believe offices are already reducing paper usage per capita from 10 years ago and I'm sure anyone who looks hard enough would find evidence of this. This trend will likely speed up. As for paper becoming a rare sighting, I'd go with 50+ years if ever.

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