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11-19-2012, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Replacement you are really just sounding bitter at this point. Ray played very well for us over his career here. He made the most of what he could behind some truly dismal GMs, while still putting up HoF numbers. Saying that he didn't put 4 incredible games in a row together for us in a while just makes you sound obstinate. You're cherry picking.

You were wrong. Everyone is from time to time, it really isn't that big a deal. The Ray trade was a huge mistake. Please stop planting your flag on the "Ricky was crap here" hill. He very obviously wasn't. You(and others) were blinded because you hadn't seen a really crappy QB here in a long time. Some assumed Ricky was just the standard, and would be easy to replace. That wasn't the case.

Go Ricky go. He made it clear he never had any desire to leave here and was very disappointed when it happened. I will not have any problem cheering him for the rest of his career, if the Eskies aren't in the equation.
Well we certainly disagree. I went to a ton of Eskimos games over the years and more often than not in the last half dozen years I found Rays performance to be underwhelming and with a lot of people at games agreeing with that assessment.

What we have going on now is some revisionist theory on the basis of Ray suddenly looking like a much better QB.

man for awhile there yesterday Ray was flirting with 80% completions, plus 500 yds passing pace, and was having himself a better performance in a big game then I've seen from him in years. So yeah it does piss me off to no end that he's doing this now that he's traded.
Too bad complacent RR didn't play like this here for a longtime or he'd still be here.

The specific reason I want people to cite actual series of games where he was this good here. (4 games in a row) is so that they will actually dig and go beyond the "Ricky played well here" which I've heard enough thanks. Which is largely an opinion.

AS for HOF numbers that would be in passing yds period. Or QB efficiency rating which I put no stock in as applied to the CFL. In terms of actual results and big game results Ray did very little here. Even the 2005 Grey Cup wouldn't have been ours if Jason Maas hadn't lifted the club through from RR's failing arms. Rays accomplishments here are overstated. One very solid year and including Grey Cup in 2003, the one he got a lot of help with in 2005, and absolutely nothing since.

Finally, I've been an Eskimos fan since before you were born. So I think I have some background in which to speak relatively on QB's. I can tell you I've seen a lot of QB's here that I consider to be better than Ricky Ray.

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