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11-19-2012, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Clearly you didn't, or you still wouldn't be parroting this. All cutting/relocating non-viable markets does is create new non-viable markets (under the current system).
Ive addressed that in my posts.

It's in both sides best interest today to grow the game. Players average salary went up by over 1m in 7 years. As long as the cap is tied to revenues, then it's in the players best interests that revenues continue to increase. However they do not seem to care much at all about the overall health of the game, as none of their proposals do anything other than ensure they're paid as much as possible.
Its not up to the players to tell the owners how to run their businesses. All they should be responsible for is saying what is or is not acceptable to them. Period.

It takes two sides to come to an agreement. So to blame this all on Bettman is just plain wrong. As long as the NHLPA continues to have almost zero interest in negotiating, then the lockout will continue. And while you're comparing Bettman's track record with work stoppages... how many did Fehr go through in the MLB?
How many labour stoppages has MLB gone through when compared to the NHL in the last 20yrs? Poor example for your purposes.

The nhlpa has no interest in negotiating? Well maybe if the choices werent lose this much or lose that much of your pay, they may be a little more interested. Go figure.

How many of the current crop of players were active when Bettman got his mandate from the BOG in the early 90's? Im guessing none, but there may be a handful, but ya, lets blame the players for a system forced on them by Bettman. Makes sense to me.

If you are looking to spread the blame around, then I would say the owners would be a good start. They are currently in a BINGO of their own making. They could have went a dozen different ways over the last twenty years or so, but they chose to go into questionable markets and they chose to bid against one another in an effort to secure top talent, regardless of the implications down the road. They chose to implement a failed system and have refused/failed to come up with viable alternatives.

In your world the players are responsible because they are accepting the money that has been offered to them. Funny that.

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