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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Ok fine. So we're back to your eye and preferred stats trumps my eye and preferred stats. Keep arguing it then, I'll just ignore your rants on the matter as I don't see them based in reality. Oh and I have been to a lot of Ricky's games here too. Many posters on here can claim the same too.
This is something I always like to link. CFL QB's are largely there to generate pts, throw TD passes, etc. Thats the mainline. Not yds stats. So take a look at this barometer.

Refer to yds passed (Ray is a god in this category) then to TD passes generated. Note that Ray has passed for more yds than Dunnigan or Ham or Mcmanus but that all of them threw a lot more TD's than Ray. I won't even mention Damon Allen who obliterates anything Ray has accomplished in his career. Plus that a guy like Ham who threw 60 more TD's than Ray also Ran for 36 more. So Ham, despite less passing yds, less completions, less QB efficiency, generated nearly 100 more TD's than Ray over the course of a similar length career and virtually identical minutes played. Yet a 100 more TD's generated in that time. Think that about that next time you want to ring up some lame measure of QB efficiency. I'll keep to TD's generated thanks which DOES trump all the stats you would offer up.

. I would take any of Ham, Dunnigan, McManus, Allen, over Ray in a heartbeat.

Btw - I have a copy of the 2005 Grey cup game on my computer and watch it from time to time. While Maas may have stepped in down the stretch(WC final specifically), Ray was the one putting up 38 points and completing OT TDs to win the Cup. Saying that win was Maas is really an example of revisionist history.
Not sure if I was clear enough. The Esks wouldn't have got to the grey cup in 2005 without Maas and this is indisputable. So rays Stats in the actual grey cup game that year, and presense in it are a moot point considering how poor he was in the WC final preceeding it. You know this.

Ricky Rays HOF epitaph: A lot of popcorn fart yds generated, great meaningless QB efficiency ratings, great completion percentage throwing tons of short passes, very poor redzone performance and relatively few TD's generated.

Interestingly enough the Argos were last in the league in redzone performance this year. Ray was ordinary much of the year as he often is. His injury and rest seemed to give him some time to be fresh for the last series of games.

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