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Originally Posted by BM67 View Post
Just looking at goalies. Lopresti, Henry, Rayner, Broda, Brimsek, Mowers. That's 6 NHL starters, 3 of them HHoFers, missing due to WWII from 1943-44 and 1944-45. If you think that has negligible impact on the NHL, then I don't know what to say.

Of the 17 goalies that played in the NHL during 1943-44 and 1944-45, 13 of them never played in the NHL after 1944-45. Several of them were former NHL starters that had lost their NHL job back in the 30s.

Of the 4 that did play after 44-45, 2 were future HHoFers, Durnan and Lumley. Lumley was only playing, as a 17-18 year old, because of the lack of goalies due to WWII. Of the others, McCool was gone after 1945-46, and Marois got into 2 games as an emergency loaner for Chicago in 1953-54.

No other position was as depleted as goaltender, but there were all-stars and HHoFers missing at all positions, as well as many that had their NHL career delayed until after the war.
I like Rayner as much as anybody else, but qualify him as a starter at that point is a bit far-fetched. Same thing for Henry -- led the league in Wins, but I'm not even sure he was in the upper-quarter of the league goalies...

I mean, Durnan certainly didn't "steal" a job from Henry (that he wouldn't have stolen anyways).

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