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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
I can understand this frustration and I do believe more needs to be given to the clubs who develop these players, should be based on games played and success in the NHL. I do however detect some bitterness from you that the NHL is the top league and and not the KHL. Not to disrespect but I don't believe the KHL can overthrow the NHL in terms of being the prime destination to play anytime soon. Many people from all over the world see America as the place of opportunity and a way to escape the troubles in their countries. Despite some areas it is generally seen in a positive light. I simply don't know if I can say the same about Russia.
Well. In the end its not the lifestyle in North America that lets all the Euro guys try their luck in the NHL but the millions of dollars even paid to average players. As Ilya Kovalchuk and others said. They feel very well living in Russia and playing in the KHL.

And the image of America has suffered a lot over the last decade. The USA are in some aspects like a 3rd world country, crime is very high compared to Europe etc. !

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