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Originally Posted by Flying Knee View Post
Koscheck does have power. That overright hand of his can probably knock anyone out if it lands flush. The problem is that his striking technique is very rudimentary and he is quite predictable and slow so he doesn't land it very often.

As i said in my previous post the difference is how quickly Hendricks can close the distance to land that power shot of his. Just re-watch Hendricks vs Fitch and Hendricks vs Kampmann and you'll see what i mean.
I wasn't disagreeing with you. Hendricks has considerably more functional power than Koscheck. Hendricks has finished over half his fights by KO/TKO, whereas with Koscheck it's a fifth. I don't care what their punches would register on Sport Science, the point is Hendricks poses a more interesting threat than Koscheck due to his ability to finish guys (likely has a better chin too).

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