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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Ive addressed that in my posts. Are you being obtuse on purpose?

Its not up to the players to tell the owners how to run their businesses. All they should be responsible for is saying what is or is not acceptable to them. Period
Not intentionally... You replied to two of my posts, both of which indicate that cutting non-viable teams is a solution. If I somehow missed something, please point out what.

Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
It would be the first step to labour harmony. If you take out the weak markets, ie those that cannot make a financial go of it, then the league will conceivably be able to pay their players and wouldnt have to continually have to lock them out
Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
It really isnt that difficult to comprehend.

Neither is the point that cutting out non-viable markets
would make the need for low-balling players and locking them out passe.
How many labour stoppages has MLB gone through when compared to the NHL in the last 20yrs? Poor example for your purposes.

How many of the current crop of players were active when Bettman got his mandate from the BOG in the early 90's? Im guessing none, but there may be a handful, but ya, lets blame the players for a system forced on them by Bettman. Makes sense to me.
So we'll only count the last 20 years that Bettman's been the comish, and ignore the fact that Fehr was involved in 6 work stoppages in MLB? Sure.

It takes two parties to come to an agreement, and neither side is blameless. However at least the NHL has showing some willingness to negotiate, where as the players have continued to simply say no, we don't like this. Come back with something better.

As for players involved in all 4 stoppages... Jagr comes to mind. As does Pronger, Whittney, Gonchar, Alfredsson, Doan? There's a few, but not many.

In your world the players are responsible because they are accepting the money that has been offered to them. Funny that.
I've never once said that. Do not put words in my mouth.

I've been looking for trouble... but trouble hasn't been cooperating!

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