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Originally Posted by Kate08 View Post
Also, if I'm not in the minorty, what does that accomplish? My seats get sold, at a higher price than I'm currently paying per game? We've had this discussion several times in the ticket thread...given the team's popularity right now, from a business perspective, the team WANTS me to give up my tickets. They can make double per seat at the box office than what they're charging me.

I give up my tickets and am not a STH anymore, now have to scramble to find tickets to games that I want to go to, potentially paying a lot on the secondary market for in demand games like the Vancouver game last year, Black Friday, and playoff tickets. And the trade-off is the team makes double what they currently are getting from my seats.

How does that send a message in any way? I'm the one getting screwed here, not the team or your antichrist Jacobs.
I think Message Board advice from someone I have never met is the way to go.

Jacobs would have to do one of three things to get me to give up.

Murder a family member

**** a family member

Kick my dog

He could **** on my yard and I'd still keep my tickets. I realize I'd lose respect from some here but my Health plan covers councilling and I'm sure they would provide support and I'd overcome the rejection and being treated like Blake Wheeler

In the end, I have so much **** to do, so many options to do, if they play awesome, if they don't, well screw em, see you sometime- the world aint ending for me- I went thru this in 94 and 2004, like this is the worst thing that ever happened...

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