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Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012), directed by Yash Chopra: The movie is a modern Bollywood romance in two parts. The first part is a very high energy, insufferably cloying poor boy meets rich girl contrivance, but that’s okay as it is very nicely shot and it is only there to set up the second half of the film anyway. To be honest, as our hero, having been rejected by our heroine, was preparing to fly back to India and return to his job as bomb disposal expert (blatant Hurt Locker rip off), I was assuming the movie was coming to a close. Silly me—we were only coming to a brief intermission. I forgot how long these movies could be. The intermission lasted all of three seconds, after which the second half actually built quite nicely upon the groundwork laid in the first half. A few interesting plot twists came into play and things got kind of interesting. Safe to say, though, Bollywood movies are an acquired taste. Certainly, it took me awhile to warm to this one. The typically overwhelming romantic sentimentality is irritatingly heavy handed, made even less tolerable by voraciously manipulative background music. But the characters are likable (they try as hard as puppies to be so), the actresses incredibly beautiful, and the film making absolutely first rate. Chopra knows how to pace a long movie, and Alin Mehta, his cinematographer, is a master. It is very well filmed from beginning to end. A couple of the dance numbers sparkle (one starts out giggle silly but gets hot fast). If only four or five tons of schlocky romantic glop could be surgically removed from the movie, I would have liked it better. But then it wouldn’t have been a Bollywood movie. All things considered, thumbs up from me.


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