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11-19-2012, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I can't fully accept this. I keep asking people to show me 4 games in a row, or any playoff games with the Esks in the last 6 seasons where he showed anything like he's played lately in Toronto.

If Ray played like this in Edmonton he'd still be here. Toss 500yds in a playoff game? You kidding me? Whens the last time he did that here?

Ray was traded because his play wasn't commensurate with his caphit. Now it is. But it hadn't been for several years here.

Lets be frank here. For several years any matchup between Ray and Calvillo was Anthony sweeping the floor with us and Ray on his back driving the Esks to 4pts. Countless times the Al's blew Ray out of the park. Now suddenly this, after Calvillo has owned Ray for the better part of a decade.

It DOES piss me off a little that now Rays playing like he's Joe Montana. Yeah I would've liked to have seen a little of that in Green and Gold. So I feel ripped off as an Esks fan actually. Feel like Ray wasn't giving it his best here.

Still waiting for people to point out the last series of games with the esks where Ray played lights out like this.

So as much as I can say Ray is a class act I've still got an axe to grind. he didn't leave it all on the football field here. He is doing that in Toronto. Thats unfortunate.
Hey! Looky there. I agree with you on something. I too felt ripped off by RR. Part of the reason I just moved on from the Cfl to the NFL. IMO The CFL has really fallen off the chart for quality product. It would be a better product if the CFL WAS actually the farm system for the NFL. Their practice rosters would be a nice treat.

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