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11-19-2012, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by mouser View Post
Yeah, would be be a pretty big deal if the league has a new insurance plan only covering 5 years where the previous deal covered 7. I can see where those insurance premiums must have increased a good amount over the last CBA--according to reports teams had to pay an insurance premium based on the salaries of their top 5 salaries.
On the flip side... wouldn't it be safe to expect Insurance companies to once again increase their coverage to 7 years if a max contract limits were to be set at 7?

i.e. there would be such a smaller number of players (hypothetically) signing 6-7 yr contracts that it should theoretically decrease their risk level enough to be able to expand coverage..

or maybe the opposite occurs... setting a contract max of 7 creates a target that every significant player and agent shoots for, increasing the ratio of players in the league with >5 yr contracts from its current ratio...

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