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11-19-2012, 06:06 PM
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The Big 10 only wanted us for our basketball resume.

The 2002 NCAA Champions are coming to Iowa! Woh probably is creaming his pants of hooking up his former school, and collecting somehow.

It is speculative at best to be sure we will make more money from this. We are starting 50M in the hole. I dont see us getting any more A1 recruits in football and basketball. LAX is going to lose good players.

If they think Indiana fans are going to make the trek to fill up Byrd they are wrong. Maybe Penn State fans will take over and embarrass us like 20 years ago. Home Fans wont like the experience and wont want to go, and may have a bitter taste from this.

If we cant build a strong football program, it doesn't matter what conference we are in, sports will lose money.

How do all the other schools survive being in debt. Woh LLC is chasing a pipe dream thinking this will save MD, and that MD even needs to be saved. What is his salary anyways? I bet we could save a cool million real quick sending him back to corn country.

Rest assured Gary was hired to go out and hit the media circuit stamping his approval. Why else would he bother to go on the live set of Comcast, if he isnt getting paid.

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