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11-19-2012, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Thanks 70s. When I first started reading I thought it was going the way of, "Emerson is solid...but Murphy, what were you thinking?" and in my head, I thought, "alright, Murphy looks like he should have been picked a while ago...probably before a good number of d-men I already had...and Emerson is the tag-a-long to do some special teams work"

Then after I read it all, I see that you praise Murphy.

I admit, I kinda set it up that way on purpose.

From mental perception and memory, Murphy was better than Poti. Especially defensively as Poti has been very up and down in his career depending on the situations and pairings he's in. Not sure if numbers reflect that or if numbers exist to reflect that. But he was very inconsistent defensively over the course of his career. And I mean that literally: some years he was one of the better defensive players on his team and some years he was about the worst.
Oh yeah, no doubt Murphy was the better defensive player. They were both all around minute munchers, but their values were both tilted to opposite sides of the ice (and I’m not saying completely, more like 40/60 and 60/40). Which is what made it hard for us to take a guy that we thought might have been the BPA among post-expansion d-men. Not quite enough offense there, even if he had BPA potential.

Without his 2008-2010 seasons Poti is an A-level PP specialist, but he ultimately proved to be an important component in both the defensive and transition game of a very powerful team, so I give him credit for that. I also think that even before that, for him to be consistently getting the ES and SH minutes he was getting, his defensive woes were likely not as bad as they were made out to be. One of those “bad for a 1st pairing guy, but still, a first pairing guy” kinds of guys.

I'm having a hard time picking who's better at wing, my 4th liners (Errol Thompson and Nelson Emerson) or my 2nd liners (Jiri Dopita and John Anderson) that normal at this level or did I just goofball my second line so bad that it looks close...?
Good question! As you know, I wasn’t a fan of the Thompson pick, but Anderson and Emerson were very solid. Dopita is a guy I have reservations about because I’m not sure how much LW he actually played, and I question if he was actually that good considering how he flopped when he came over. So I’m in your boat. They look like more or less similarly valuable sets of wingers.

Jason Blake is just so brutal. I can't stand him. I've seen him open-hand slap a player in the face before...c'mon man! Fun fact*: Jason Blake, in the expansion era, is the all-time leader in "most players put offside" averaging over 8.4 per game!

Hey, to be fair, he’s the only player I’ve ever seen who got bopped in the eye with an upward motion while being held by a linesman. It was pretty dirty; I was furious. I assume this was after the slap? If so, the universe evened out.

I've never at any time or at any level seen a player create more offside plays than Jason Blake, as a rookie, in his short-lived peak, in his later years, never have I seen a player just have such a blatant disregard for his teammates and the fundamental rules of hockey. He could probably put players offside in roller hockey...

He was so disliked that even his first college team traded him...**

* - might not actually be a fact, but it's got to be pretty close.
** - also might not actually be true.

Nothing personal towards the picker, it's the pick that I hate so so much. Does anyone actually like Jason Blake? His mother's morning sickness probably didn't go away until Jason's first day at Ferris State...
This was all very funny!

Blake’s one of those guys who makes you go “yeah, but….”

He was really fast. Yeah, but, he couldn’t turn.
He was gritty. Yeah, but he was physically ineffective.
He has one of the best offensive peaks of all wingers left. Yeah, but, it was always with a better center.

But, he’s a legitimate 3-position forward and has elite level agitation ability, so with everything considered I think he makes a fine 4th liner here. You don’t want three Jason Blakes, but put him next to a big guy who can fight, and/or a guy who will get him the puck, and he’ll do alright.

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