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Originally Posted by Alberta_OReilly_Fan View Post
there is another solution to fixing this problem. The owners have around 200 million profit to split between them all to fix the problem but you want the fix to occur with this 200 million leaving none of them much of a profit at all...

No I don't. They are already making $126M. They will be making an additional $230M +. Only about $80M more is going to revenue sharing. It leaves all of them a lot of profit and every single team benefits under the new CBA.

the players though are taking home around 1.8 billion. a 33% reduction in their pay would free up 600 million to fix all issues. All teams would make very very healthy profits. And the players would still have 1.2 billion to split between there 700-800 members. They still average over 1.5 mill a year.

Now i tossed out a number way way way larger then the owners are asking for... but I did it for a reason. Just to make a bold point. The players would still average over 1.5 mill a year and the owners would also make alot of money... and the taxpayers could keep our money for things like schools and roads and hospitals instead of a second pool in some players summer cottage.

So the players would averaging $1.5M. You know what the owners would now be averaging? Over $24M in cash alone. Can you see at all why they don't need to take more from the players than what has been offered. And the taxpayer money isn't going towards a 2nd pool for a player. It is going for a 2nd private jet for an owner.

this is where your argument falls apart for me. I know you treat the numbers you have as gospel. Someone was accusing me of treating my numbers as gospel too. I sure dont. I realize i dont get to see any financial reports.

No I don't treat my numbers as gospel. They are what we have to work with and are far more correct than some of the hyperbolic numbers you have thrown out there.

You might be able to point out 5-10 owners that might seem to put profit ahead of team... the guy in florida seems to... but i can make you 30-40 owners who clearly have no freaking clue how to make money with their teams and just authorize one insane thing after another to stroke their egos instead.
So you want to take from players who have an average career of 4 years and don't have other businesses to fall back on to give to billionaires who can't or don't want to run their team right? That seems like great logic.

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