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Originally Posted by Alberta_OReilly_Fan View Post
owners arent greedy... they are ego driven. In order to get a CBA that works, you need to satisfy their egos. You have to give them a chance to not go bankrupt while still feeling like they are in the big leagues. Or you have to at the very least guarantee a profit for them cause these are stupid men. they wont lose money AND have no chance at ego rush too.

They are both greedy and ego driven; and a new CBA as the players offered works. The last CBA could have worked and in fact did. It just didn't work for everyone or I should say some owners didn't make it work. A no cap no floor system works. A luxury tax works. They need to make it work and take some friggin responsibility for owning their teams. And if it is all about ego then again no we shouldn't take money from the players.

A loss in total revenues might not hurt the owners 1 single penny. IF costs go down more then revenues then a lockout might not cost the owners 1 single penny. BUT players get paid a % of revenues. A reduction in revenues DIRECTLY hurts the players.

I sure hope they feel this fight is worth it. The owners obviously do. I dont see what the players have to gain COMPARED to what they are GUARANTEED to lose. So i dont personally see why this fight is worth it to the players.
It hurts both sides and the players obviously feel it is worth it too. What they have gained so far from the owners first offer is another 7%, $211M of current contracts honored, and a bunch of small benefits. What they will get by waiting is also keeping some of their contracting rights, and probably more money for make whole.

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