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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Replacement you are really just sounding bitter at this point. Ray played very well for us over his career here. He made the most of what he could behind some truly dismal GMs, while still putting up HoF numbers. Saying that he didn't put 4 incredible games in a row together for us in a while just makes you sound obstinate. You're cherry picking.

You were wrong. Everyone is from time to time, it really isn't that big a deal. The Ray trade was a huge mistake. Please stop planting your flag on the "Ricky was crap here" hill. He very obviously wasn't. You(and others) were blinded because you hadn't seen a really crappy QB here in a long time. Some assumed Ricky was just the standard, and would be easy to replace. That wasn't the case.

Go Ricky go. He made it clear he never had any desire to leave here and was very disappointed when it happened. I will not have any problem cheering him for the rest of his career, if the Eskies aren't in the equation.

It's similar to Tillman spending an entire season trying to justify the trade instead of admitting he made a major gaffe. As you said, everyone makes mistakes, they just need to admit it and move on. People really start to look desperate and silly when they won't let go and keep trying to defend their points.

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