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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
TIL Paul Kariya's chest is above his head.

The Lindros hit was clean shoulder hit. But a lot of those hits on that video were with the elbow as the primary point of contact. Sometimes it was tucked it, sometimes it was out.

On #9 (Adams), he comes in leading with the elbow, and drops it after the hit; it's actually rather noticeable because most of his hits see his arms going UP after contact and not down. On #7, his elbow was up and out noticeably before contact with King. #5 Stevens clearly sticks his elbow out to nab Langkow. #2... it was a late blindside hit where he pasted Kariya; his elbow was tucked but was the primary point of contact against Kariya's head. That hit happens in today's NHL and Stevens is missing a lot of games.

Also noticeable; how many of those hits did Stevens jump into? Most of them.
I really don't think you know what an elbow is. Every single one of those hits are shoulder to chest. Even the announcers in half of those clips state, "That's just a good clean check." As I said earlier, the Kariya one is the only hit I can see a problem with.

As far as Stevens being suspended in todays game...someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Shannahan stated that Stevens would not have been suspended for those hits.

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