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Originally Posted by Nocashstyle View Post
I really don't think you know what an elbow is. Every single one of those hits are shoulder to chest. Even the announcers in half of those clips state, "That's just a good clean check." As I said earlier, the Kariya one is the only hit I can see a problem with.

As far as Stevens being suspended in todays game...someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Shannahan stated that Stevens would not have been suspended for those hits.
1) It's not a good clean check if you're in the air before you hit the guy. So don't mind me if I push aside the "oh yeah, good old time hockey, blah blah" announcing. And I'm not trying to bash any specific announcers; every announcer and especially every player-turned-announcer is quick to note "oh yeah, nothing wrong with that hit." if it was thrown by "their guys" and there isn't a penalty coming. Regardless of what the hit looked like.

2) You must have problems in anatomy class if you think those were shoulder-to-chest hits. As I said earlier, some were clear elbows, some were hits where the elbow was the point of contact but it was tucked, some were clean. The fact that you think Stevens railroading Kariya practically from behind, throwing a flying elbow at Kris King, or flinging an elbow out to nab Langkow were all clean shoulder-to-chest hits is absolutely stunning.

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