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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
It's similar to Tillman spending an entire season trying to justify the trade instead of admitting he made a major gaffe. As you said, everyone makes mistakes, they just need to admit it and move on. People really start to look desperate and silly when they won't let go and keep trying to defend their points.
Not really because they've always been my pts. Why should I lie now?

Look at the link I provided in post 765.

For me a QB's first job is to deliver production. Ideally TD's. Really theres no bigger stat. Thats always been my take.

Ricky in his career tend to generate FG's more than TD's.

To me a QB that could move the ball effortlessly at times but not put the ball in the endzone as much was regularly frustrating. I much prefer the finish of guys like Allen, Ham, Dunnigan, McManus that had a hand in lighting the fireworks many more times. Clearly I prefer redzone performers, but why wouldn't I? I don't want countless FG's I want TD's. I want QB's punching the ball into the endzone.
On the biggest yardstick that means anything to me Ricky didn't deliver as much. Cost us a hell of a lot of games as well. This season as well the ARgos had the worst redzone performance in the league.

Just as a sidenote despite Argos dominating a game from start to finish Als still had the tying pts try on the last play of the game and a pass into the endzone to a reciever wide open, and he flat out dropped it. Perfect pass. Easy to catch. Strange how the game was so close. (not saying this had anything to do with Ray who was awesome in the game.)

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