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11-19-2012, 07:13 PM
Dick Sledge
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Originally Posted by Clode View Post
lag compensation is destroying me today, also ive noticed that rate of fire is the biggest deciding factor in gunfights, which is annoying seeing as this game is dominated by SMGs
This, This and This.

The game is unbearable to play right now. I shouldn't lose a gunfight from across the map when I have the beat on you and an assault rifle (scar) and you have some smg firing a million bullets per second.

I hate using smg's but it seems like you have to get used to them unless they get nerfed.

I also love how with a UAV in the sky I know you're coming around my corner. I fire upon you first with hit detection and they manage to take 6 bullets in the stomach to lunge at me with a knife. Love that stuff!

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