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11-19-2012, 07:17 PM
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CL drops went fairly well for me and of the ones that did happen, a few were guaranteed. I should probably look and see how many of the non-drops were guaranteed not to drop, but things look good at the moment.

0 Goalkeepers dropped. Thankfully, my 2 prospects stayed 6/6 at 16 and 17. That includes Esteban Alaniz who (thanks to 2 training camps) has gained 86 OR in the last 30 days.

4 defenders dropped, 2 of which were guaranteed. The other 2 were 18 to 5/6 and 16 to 5/6. 2 SDs and 2 CDs stayed 6/6, including Matt Hernandez (16). That was followed with an offer for Hernadez via in-game mail at 60M.

3 midfielders dropped, including 1 guaranteed. The other 2 were 21 to 4/6 (Taganovich) and 16 to 5/6. I bought Taganovich when he as 19 and 5/6, so I'm not sure if this drop was guaranteed or not. I' m down to only 1 midfielder at 6/6, a low OR, high EQ CM.

2 forwards dropped, including 1 guaranteed. The other was 17 to 4/6. Of course, that happens to be my highest EQ forward. This will be the position I target on the market this season after I make the necessary upgrades to my stadium/facilities.


In hockey, my team made a statement today winning 7-0 against one of the teams that had a decent shot to make the playoffs. That puts me 6 points (and +22 in GD) up on 9th. I have a game left against a manager-less team, while 9th place has 2 games against top 4 teams remaining. It looks like I'll be playoff bound for the first time in I.1!

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