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Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
Garrison is good defensively, I just don't think he's better than those other guys.

And that article's methodology is a joke. Just simply looking at GA ON/60 without context (e.x. GA OFF/60) is silly. Stats like that are so heavily influenced by team defensive play and perhaps most importantly, goaltending. Looking at 2010-2011 goaltending stats, only 5 of those guys (Carlson, Schultz, Grossman, Stuart, and White, worth noting that only one of those guys, Carlson, was in the top 15) were on teams whose starting goaltender had a below average (16th or worse) SV%, and only 2 of those guys were on teams whose starting goaltender was in the bottom 3rd (21st or worse) in SV% (Stuart and White, 24th and 27th). It's not a coincidence that almost all of the guys on the list had good starting goaltenders.
Wasn't it a balance of a number of stats including GA ON/60, CORSI and Qualcomp?

Also, couldn't it be argued that having strong defensive defencemen must help goalies' save percentage.

I think the Canucks are heavily favoured from their team overall having a statistically dominant season in 2010-2011 on that list for sure (led in a lot of categories, more than most President Trophy winners). Looking at that list, there's a lot of names which I think fit the defensive defencemen mold very well, enough that I think it's a good starting point. You have to control for players having an abnormally good year and stuff, but a similar comparison over a number of years should give you a good picture of the best defensive defencemen.

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