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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
I know at one of my hotels, the union decertified and the owners ended up bending the workers over the canteen counter. How would decertification help the players?
I think decertification only really works in jobs where you are highly valuable and nearly impossible to replace. There are no jobs at a hotel that you couldn't take someone off the street and teach them how to do in a day or two. Try finding another Pavel Datsyuk on the street

Originally Posted by The Note View Post
What would be the repercussions of the Union decertifying? The NBAPA did it last year didn't they?
There would be numerous repercussions, mainly a bunch of teams would fold almost immediately.

There would be no draft, so you could expect to see a lot more homerism in young guys signing with their teams growing up as a child. Toews in the 'Peg? Tavares going straight to Toronto out of junior? Do you honestly think a guy like Nash would go to Columbus if he wasn't forced there by the rules of the league? Or that Tavares would go to the Island by choice? Big markets like LA, NYR, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Detroit would be able to HORDE every good player out there with no system to equalize for the also rans.

There would be no unrestricted free agency either, once a contract ran out, you are free to sign with anyone you wanted.

It would probably shrink the league by a good 30-40% but it would make for a much stronger game afterwards (I think anyway).

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