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11-19-2012, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
The owners are the ones that put a team in Phoenix? They may have signed off on it, but they didn't come up with that brilliant idea.
Funny though, how its all on Fehr even though there is only 1 guy who has gone 3 for 3 in NHL lockouts.
Yes the owners are the ones who did it because Bettman can do nothing without the owners not the other way around.

Plus everyone bashes a team in Phoenix, yes it hasn't worked out, but if I told you the stats on Phoenix is not the name you'd think it would work. 12th largest TV market, 6th largest city by population, large number of people moving from hockey central locations to the area. It did seem like an idea that could succeed and so far it hasn't.

Again however 2-3 teams losing money wouldn't result in a lockout so this isn't just because Phoenix, Miami and Columbus are losing money in non traditional hockey markets. The Islanders have won more Cups then all but 5 teams and are in the largest market in the world but are losing money. Other teams in large or hockey markets are losing money and it's more like 10+ and not 2-3 teams losing money which is why there is a lockout.

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