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11-19-2012, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Not intentionally... You replied to two of my posts, both of which indicate that cutting non-viable teams is a solution. If I somehow missed something, please point out what.
Context, content, manners.

So we'll only count the last 20 years that Bettman's been the comish, and ignore the fact that Fehr was involved in 6 work stoppages in MLB? Sure.
Not sure why that matters tbh, but you may want to count again, and you may want to use your fingers this time.

It takes two parties to come to an agreement, and neither side is blameless. However at least the NHL has showing some willingness to negotiate, where as the players have continued to simply say no, we don't like this. Come back with something better.
Weve been over this before, and Im not much for repeating myself, but when the options are we take and you give or you give and we take, its awful hard to get excited about negotiating.

As for players involved in all 4 stoppages... Jagr comes to mind. As does Pronger, Whittney, Gonchar, Alfredsson, Doan? There's a few, but not many.
Like I said, a handful, not really sure it matters much when you are talking about 700 players.

I've never once said that. Do not put words in my mouth.
This is pretty rich coming from you, but really you seem to be pro nhl, so how am I putting words in your mouth? That's the jist of the situation. The players are responsible for accepting the outrageous contracts the owners are offering them, or conversely, for rejecting the contracts they think dont give them what they feel they are worth and could probably get elsewhere.

They arent responsible for how the nhl runs their business, other than approving or rejecting whatever cba model the owners propose. That's about the extent of their say in the matter. To suggest otherwise is pure folly.

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