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11-19-2012, 07:54 PM
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As a goaltender I have no problem with my D men blocking shots, yet there are a few rules I prefer them to follow:

1. If the shots coming from around the top of the circle, let em take it. I've got time, angle, and a clear view of it, so unless they've got a rocket of a shot, its not going in. And if they do have a rocket, I really don't want my d man getting injured doing my job.
2. Commit to it. Don't flamingo or start swinging your stick around hoping to get a piece of it. You get injured or I have to less time to react to your deflection.
3. Don't bat at high pucks with your hand/stick/head/whatever. I have a catcher, Ill use it. Most of the time this move goes horribly wrong and usually leads to a goal. On the off chance you do catch it, for the love of god, don't drop it at your feet...throw it in the corner, skate away from the net and drop it. No need to put it on a tee for the guy in front of me to unload one from two feet way.
I know we're not playing in the NHL, but just keeping these points in mind helps us goalies out there, and keeps you guys safe.

I had a D man on team a few years back that thought he was playing my position. God bless him for laying his body on the line time after time, but his weekly war wounds came from plays I could have easily made. And many of the goals that went in were after scrambles directly resulting in his relentless tries to stop pucks from being shot at me. Pucks going off him most often made their way to the man he was supposed to be covering...and then into the net. After awhile he was more of a threat infront of me than the other team.

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