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05-23-2006, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by DeadPool
I was reading articles in the AHL forums and it got me thinking.

Why don't we move the Bulldogs to Montreal? Why can't a business man buy or bring a Q team here?

We just came out from a sold-out season at the Bell Centre. People are fighting for tickets. (I got playoffs tickets and was the envy of all my friends. Habs tickets are almost becoming a social status.)

We all know that a Q or AHL team would have made HUGE money during the lockout. Hell, the Chiefs/Verdun teams did brisk business at the Bell Centre during the lockout.

The hockey faithfuls here need an alternative option. Whoever comes up with it, will be a rich man. (High attendance and TV sells should be enough to make a good-enough profit.)
As somebody already mentioned, we've had Q teams in the Montreal area and they did NOT do well. The Rocket packed up and moved. The Titans de Laval moved as well.
We have to ask ourselves...Is Montreal a Hockey city or a Habs city? How many people have been continuing to follow the playoffs once the Habs were eliminated? Go to Champs or any Cage aux Sports and see the difference.

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