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11-19-2012, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by OrrOverGretzky View Post
This argument has really become pointless to argue anymore.

Because someone may own 4, 5 6, whatever number of businesses does not mean that he/she should lose money on one of those businesses.

Every business has a right to make money regardless of what their other business ventures are doing. They have a right to be self sustaining. If I own three business ( A, B and C) if A and B are doing well and C sucks, I fix C regardless of what A and B are doing.

It's really not rocket science.

A small part may be mis-management, but a larger part is trying to improve the economics by spending to improve the product and an even larger part is just pure economics.
That's crazy talk Dom!.......

Everyone knows you find a sucker to buy C and then double down on A and B

btw, happy birthday my friend!

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