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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
And your point is what exactly?
Did the Pens build their team around Crosby?
Did the Oilers build around Gretzky?
Did the Bruins build around Orr?
Did the Wings build around Yzerman?
Did the Caps build around OV?
Did the Bruins build around Bourque?

When you have a superior offensive talent, you build around him. Teams have been doing that for over a century now.

And who is saying that Karlsson is as good defensively as Lidstrom?
I will say one thing though, revisionism aside, I don't think Karlsson is all that far behind a 21-22 year old Lidstrom defensively.
Or did you forget that he was only 21 last year?

In the 30 or so games, including playoffs, that I saw of Karlsson last year, I was actually pretty surprised at how responsible he was defensively, how well he plays one on one and how well he manages risk management.
That's pretty damned special in such a young player.

His play style reminds me a lot of Bourque. Great puck possession and uses a lot of give and goes.
The scariest part about Karlsson is that he is still learning how to be a good PP QB and he still has a lot of room to improve in that area.
He overall point totals are only going to go up IMO.

(oh BTW, where's my supposed Canadian bias on this one? )
You could post a poll on it to find out how over people think right?

Karlsson is a terrific young player and offensive talent but your comment is very embarrassing and bears no basis in fact.

In fact I think %wise you will find less backers than your assertion of the "robbed Norris Poll."

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