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Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
Believe me, not one bit.

I wanted him gone in the midst of 2011 when he was hitting .350.

Its not a coincidence that his best year was in his walk season.
Can you expain to me the logic in wanting him gone in the midst of 2011? An elite leadoff hitter who can steal 40 who was in the midst of a great season?

You said in the earlier post that it was him pulling himself from game 162 so he could win the batting title and up his free agent value. Was game 162 a must win? I highly doubt it was about the money, how much difference would a few points in the average make?

Not to mention I've seen more then one interview where Reyes stated that the Mets didn't even offer him a contract. How could he have known at that time that he wouldn't be offered a contract? Why wouldn't the Mets at least offer him a 'hometown discount' contract and see if NY was where he wanted to be? I read somewhere that he lived in Manhasset - my fiancÚ is from that area and I can't think of too many more appealing places to live in the entire world.

He's worth the money for the Jays because we haven't had a real leadoff hitter in a long time. We have one of the best 3-4 combos in the league, but 1-2 needed work. Reyes will lead off, and Bonifacio/Melky Cabrera are two very viable options in the 2 hole.

That kind of money is the cost of doing business when dealing with that calibre of player.

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