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11-19-2012, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Alberta_OReilly_Fan View Post
i guess that spots like football/baseball are ingrained into the americain culture and popular from coast to coast... without a true national presence, tv revenues would suffer alot. tv is SUPER IMPORTANT to these leagues.

If these leagues choose to revenue share... and the people running these leagues are smart... then we must assume theres a good reason for them to revenue share. Personally, I see it. Im not shocked that they revenue share. Having no teams at all in markets smaller then the top 20 would suck for these leagues.

Hockey is a different matter of course. Hockey is trying to grow a presence in markets that dont accept it yet. Hockey is hoping one day for a huge tv deal but how realistic is it?

I guess if the owners felt that revenue sharing was in their best interest... that protecting these small markets at the expense of their own profits was in their best interest... then theyd do it. They do it some now... so they must feel they get some benefit...

but for any of us to tell them they are FORCED to do it more then they feel is appropriate... isnt going to fly. Its like how difficult it is to get a championship in college sports... or why is all the fighting between the various divisions. Even though in theory, all colleges could agree to be partners and maybe get some benefits... its just not human nature for it to happen

and not in all of their best interests either

obviously... more revenue sharing would help the small markets some... but enough? and at what expense to teams in toronto and philly that are owned by stock holders? its not billionares that own all the rich teams... some are owned by corporations with stock holders to account to.
It's amusing that you missed the point so spectacularly here.

It's not about the relative merits of or the economic effect of profit sharing. The point is that Bettman is either a blatant liar, or doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

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