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11-19-2012, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Welcome to Socialism in the NHL !!!.

The players are simply cattle, and a means for the Owners to pad their billions$$, with limited rights to those that actually allow them to earn them, or concern for those that actually pay them both.
The players have a minimum wage of half a million dollars while more than half of the owners are LOSING millions per season.
And you're calling the players cattle...

Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Last CBA the Owners locked out the players and cried that they needed cost certainty and a hard cap system in order to make money, that they claimed would solve all their problems. They agreed to 57% player costs stating that would allow that, and in trade-off to a hard cap players got greater individual rights like earlier free agent status for cost certainty for their partners.

Now 7 years later with a fully functioning cap system, the Owners are crying "poor me" again as greed seems to have gotten the better of them. So again lets lock out the cattle and cut into their share, and claw back their rights, and lets do it and hold the hockey world hostage again until they get what they want.
The cap created in the last cba created record revenues for the nhl (which of course increases the players paychecks as well).
This is because the cap created much better parity, and helped the sport grow.

So the cap has been successful.

The problem is that the players still take too big a piece of the pie (as proven by the fact that more than half the owners are losing money, while the players have a minimum wage of HALF A MILLION DOLLARS).

Originally Posted by Mess View Post
The Owners apparently have no intention of honouring contracts they signed nor previous CBA terms they agreed to in order to get their salary cap originally.
It is stated DIRECTLY in the players contracts that it is over-ridden by future cba's.
If the players didn't like that clause, they should have negotiated for it's removal.
I have no idea at all why the players are complaining about something that is IN THEIR CONTRACTS!!!

The players are pretty much saying
"We just want the owners to HONOUR OUR CONTRACTS... except of course for the parts of our contracts we don't like."

Originally Posted by Mess View Post
So Donald Fehr should tell Bettman that if he wants all player rights to go back to pre-cap era then lets take the hard salary cap off the table in exchange. Bettman can then allow his Owners to pay as much or as little as they want on entertainment costs to guarantee they all make profits, and the big rich teams spending more can be luxuary taxed to revenue share with his small market poorer teams. Hockey is back on the ice and everyone is happy. You know something like Baseball's CBA which Fehr successfully negotiated in the past.
The players average salary has DOUBLED in the past 7 years. Is there any other profession IN THE WORLD where that has happened?
And you want Fehr and the players to cry poor?
The poor little guys who have DOUBLED their salaries in 7 years are being exploited by the mean ol' greedy owners who more than half of are LOSING millions per season.

This is completely out of control.

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