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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
I've probably been underrating Harvey's offense. The assist at 0:20 of that video... wow.

And unlike most comparisons to Lidstrom, the physicality and nastiness really means something here because it's in addition to a brilliant positional game.

I guess the ball's back in Lidstrom's court then.
That assist is great but the spinorama at the point, does any forward do a drive by like that post 92? Pretty rare I would think.

Nastiness and physicality are often referred to as positive attributes for a Damn but we can't judge how many plays were not tried due to a player fearing Harvey, or Chelios or Lidstroms gap control for that matter.

There is also the flip side to aggression in the form of minor penalties as well, good teams like Harveys Habs were probably able to absorb his time in the box but what if the team was less stacked?

I don't think there are solid answers for these questions, even as the statheads search for them in the modern context, but they are thing to ponder and in the end most of them even out I think.

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