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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Orr was the best player of his generation, let's put that aside for a bit and wonder how dominant he would have been without expansion and the NHL remains a 6 team league?
See this post. Even with none of the dilution, Orr was scoring at a pace nearly double the next best. Never mind the eyeball test, how he simply blew past defenders unlike anyone else in... history?

He was simply a phenomenon, era doesn't account for it.

Wayne also has a bit of a perfect storm thing going on as well.
True, but Wayne also dominated the period that we are agreeing was the most talent-flush period in NHL history as a 30+ year old. And again, the eyball test shows he was playing the game at a level that at times was simply astonishing. He operated at a level rarely seen in any sport, and I'll leave it at that.

In a later era with an emphasis on two way play from everyone he doesn't score and dominate offensively as much either.
Gretzky was just as capable of playing defense as guys like Backstrom and Savard who have managed to thrive in the current NHL. I don't see what the problem would be.

Ditto for Mario.
Again, I don't see why Mario would be considered anything worse than a much, much, much better version of Getzlaf or Eric Staal.

I think that something that doesn't get considered enough with guys like Wayne and Mario is how they were allowed to play all out offense and were not expected, and didn't play defensively at all.

On the surface offensively they tower over a guy like Datsyuk but take in the total game and the dominance is a bit less.

We have seen how an all out offensive team like Washington has fared and the tinkering that has gone on. It's pure speculation but the modern game would have some influence on the 3 super gods me thinks.
So they would score 150 points instead of 200? I'm just not buying this line of argument at all. We're talking about players who didn't just score a lot of points, they created goals out of the clear blue in a manner not seen before or since. And you are going to shackle this guy to his own goalpost so he "only" scores at a level that blows everyone away and not at a level that makes a mockery of the league?

edit: A last thought on the Datsyuk/Mario thing... Datsyuk was 24 and had played nearly 150 games in the NHL when a 37-year-old Mario scored nearly 1.4 PPG, coming in second behind Forsberg. Datsyuk was 27 when a geriatric Mario finally retired after a 22-in-26 partial season. How far can this "players don't play like that anymore" really stretch?

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