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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
2B split into 32= 62,500,000 for each and every team.

Green Bay has a total salary for 2012 of $75,046,474.

Conversely the Green Bay of the nhl could be Edmonton.

200mill split into 30=6,666,666.

Edmonton has a total cap/salary for 2012 of $62,933,333.

You could argue there are regional and National tv deals in Canada for the Oilers, and that even if you were to estimate their take at around 20mill for that, which it may or may not be, you have a total tv take of ~25mill, which is far short of the 75mill for GB, even though the salaries of the respective clubs are within 10%approx of each other.

So while saying they dont need to sell a ticket to make a profit may be an exaggeration, it isnt that far off and the disparity between the two leagues in tv revenue, makes it a difficult comparison.

Add into that the Florida's and Phoenix' of the world who sell beers for a dollar and tickets for ten bucks and its hard to get on board with revenue sharing from an owner's perspective when you are talking about a Toronto or a NY Ranger perspective.
You are underestimating NFL TV revenues by a factor of 2.5-3x.

The NFL is currently pulling in ~$5B/yr - increasing to $6B in two years.

Originally Posted by kdb209
Originally Posted by Perrah View Post
The NFL will be making 3 billion per year in TV contract revenue alone. The majority of the teams make money, and the total revenue for the 2010 season was 9 billion. That was with them only making 1.9 billion from the tv contract, and only the Detroit Lions lost money. Seems like logical reasoning for them to be paid more to me.
Actually, between FOX/CBS/NBC/ESPN/DirecTV the NFL will be pulling in ~$4.9B this year - increasing to ~$6B/yr in '14 when their new broadcast deals (FOX/CBS/NBC) kick in.

FOX: $725M/yr -> $1.1B/yr
CBS: $625M/yr -> $1.0B/yr
NBC: $612M/yr -> $950M/yr
ESPN: $1.9B/yr
DirecTV: $1B/yr

With Latest Network Agreements, the N.F.L. Outdoes Even Itself

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