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Originally Posted by eklunds source View Post
Trying to be as objective as possible...

- A lot of blocked shots isn't necessarily good. A defenseman who blocks a lot of shots usually does so because they're allowing a lot of shots, and thus the puck is spending a lot of time at the wrong end of the ice.

- A lot of hits are somewhat similar. It's illegal to hit someone who doesn't have the puck (at least, if they didn't have it very recently), so by definition, by having a lot of hits, you're saying "I didn't have the puck very often". Similar to blocking shots - it's better than nothing if the other team has the puck, but it's still much preferable to have the puck in the first place and force the other team to block shots and throw hits.

Why we don't use blocked shots and hits as performance indicators. As the article states... there's a correlation between blocking a lot of shots and being lower in the standings.

- Plus minus is a useless statistic, as I mentioned at the top of the previous page.

I'm not saying Ladislav Smid is bad, by any means. He had a very good season, showed notable improvement, and there is reason for optimism moving forward:

...just some notes on why Smid probably isn't legitimately in the discussion for top-20 defensive dmen.
Wow This is just so wrong and bad at the same time.

We are talking about the better D-man in the league who defend their zone the best when the opposition have controll of the puck comming in their zone or in controll of the puck while in there zone.
A good defensive D-man does exactly this.
He blocks a lot of shots.
He lays out big hits.
He strips the puck from the opposition.
Forces turnovers.
Guards the front of the net.
Once he has the puck he makes the 1st play to get it out of his zone.
Also it's the team allowing a lot of shots not the D-man in the defensive zone.

Below is one of the worst statments that i have ever read.

You say.....A defenseman who blocks a lot of shots usually does so because they're allowing a lot of shots.

It's not the D-man that are allowing a lot of shots.It's more the forwards who have lost the puck in the offensive zone.D-man have to play their positions.
Better learn about and watch more hockey.

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