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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post

I personally find it hilarious that these guys say this:

The fans are going on NHL's side now. Not everybody but a lot. Look at top voted comments in that very article. Everyone is blasting the players.

I won't get into the owners vs players debate but I don't see how the NHL is stupid when NHLPA is the exact same.

People need to stop living in a dream world where players are 'giving stuff up'. They aren't giving anything up. THERE IS NO CONTRACT. Everything from before doesn't even exist anymore. It's over, this is a new deal. What is fair? That is the question. Not what is fair relative to before.

Now, does it mean owners are being fair? maybe not. I just hate hearing "we're giving up so much". The players have zero salary to give up right now.

I don't know how many ways to explain this. The contracts are basically void until a CBA is signed. They are conditional on a CBA, that simple.
Your idea is nice in the abstract but is not how things are done. Human beings always take into account the current situation before evaluating the next step.

When you sign a new lease for an apartment, is the price not usually correlated by the previous rental price? Yes, it is always correlated. That is why landlords often want to evict tenants, so that they can move rental costs to the market average.

Similarly in negotiations with unionized workers. The previous salary + inflation is usually the starting point. What do you think would happen if the government imposed a 13% salary rollback and said to the union "the previous contract is void" ??? Hint: massive strikes.

Finally, there have been rigorous studies in economics/sociology demonstrating that your starting salary out of college, even if it's an underpayment/overpayment, determines your salary to a very significant extent 20 or 30 years down the line.

Bottom line is that currently the players get 57% and owners receive 43%; any change downward is a concession from the players. The players are willing to make concessions; however, the owners have offered zero concessions thus far. I'm guessing that therein lies the cause of the negotiating impassa.

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