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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
He remains the best player of his generation and he still wins 2 Art Ross.
Does he score at the same rate was the actual question I was trying to get at.

Here we go again, the unproven "Perfect Storm" argument and once I will ask the same question I do every time you bring it up.
Was Gretzky the product of a perfect storm or was he the creator of it?
He can be both in the early 80's but it doesn't make it true if he starts in the late 90's

They were allowed to play all out offense because their offense was so far in front of everyone elses that their defense didn't matter.
It's an opinion and almost all forwards were allowed to play all out offense in the 80's. coaches, systems and adherence to at least some defensive play is adhered to by almost all players in near recent times. Surely it has some impact on scoring?

If you mean in that on a scale of 1-10 that Dats is an 8 offensively and a 10 defensively vs Wayne and Mario being 20's offensively and only 3 defensively.
Then yes, Dats makes up some ground but his "total" game still isn't as dominant as Wayne and Mario's offense on its own.
Wayne and Mario are both better offensively than Dats but twice as good?

That's a real stretch IMO.

Maybe you should watch Dats more closely instead of just counting stats.

There's a HUGE difference between trying to succeed as an offensive team and trying to succeed as an offensive team led by Gretzky or Lemieux. HUGE HUGE difference!
There is also a huge difference in the 80's and early 90's to post lockout. Simply playing all out offense isn't a recipe for success.
Coaches coach defense because it is a greater indicator and leads to more success for a variety of reasons.

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