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11-19-2012, 09:42 PM
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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
The NFL expects everyone to spend to the cap, allows for bonus money, and uses all the tv money to pay the players. Its a great model but totally unrealistic in hockey. If hockey followed the NFL a team cap would be $10m and all the talent would be in Europe like soccer.

Hockey is like baseball, a huge divide among teams. In baseball, some teams exist to simply provide an opponent for the Yankees and Dodgers. Some teams spend, others collect revenue checks that far surpass their payroll. The gap isn't that big in hockey but the Floridas will never be able to keep up with a cap structured the way it currently is. For everyone, NFL is the goal. Its not realistic yet.
Right. Everyone's model is the NFL. It's not realistic yet, I agree. But that should be the goal. I notice no other leagues (including MLS, WNBA, or MILL) don't say "Hey the NHL is paying their players 57% and look at how well they're doing... We should do that!"

It's time for a change... A move towards solvency. Oddly enough... The CBA expired so now is the perfect time to fix things that didn't work, and move the league forward in the economic sense. The owners know that. And since they OWN their teams and therefore the league I'm sure they'll get it. The players will get lost wages and lost time on their career. In the end that's the only way.

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