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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
Well the owners enforced a cap, enforced a 24% rollback, signed contracts under the terms of the CBA they dictated and now have no intention of honouring their contracts and won't negotiate a deal.

Oh, and why do you think players should not have the right to speak their minds?

But you do have it right in that the lock-out is all about the owners. There is no NHL right now because of the owners. That is the truth and you can't spin it any other way.
The owners didn't enforce those things, they were collectively bargained. One of the reasons for them, and what seems to be often ignored, was because of how well the players had it in the first place.

Regarding the honoring of contracts under the terms of the CBA; for starters there is no CBA, and even under the previous CBA players contracts were always subject to adjustments based on revenues and escrow. On top of that the owners have made offers to pay back lost wages, and on the whole have made more of an attempt to negotiate.

Lupul can say whatever he wants obviously, as can anybody else, but he should expect to be called out on it, especially when his side isn't exactly innocent in this whole thing.

There no NHL right now because there is no CBA, and that is on both sides; not just the owners.

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