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Originally Posted by robert terwilliger View Post
all of your power comes from your lower body. muscling up your arms and torso would really only hinder you mechanically because there's more to get through the zone.

but i'm sure bonds and others only took "lower body" steroids and not ones that would effect his upper half and interfere with his swing.
Yes, that is why armless players are so abundant in this league...

We know quick hips and strong legs are the fundamentals for a good swing but it's not like you can have the upper body of a fetus and expects results.

Yes, steroids generally target the upper body but it's not like it completely ignores the lower half, especially if you isolate those muscles in workouts. I don't think it's worth getting into because it's a dead end.

Steroids and PEDs effect the body, plain and simple. From there who knows what the chain reaction is leading to on field performance. We know they aren't magic pills that turn singles into home runs, but it effects your athletic ability and the athlete that you are and that just can't be quantified in numbers since you can't take the same player on PEDs and off PEDs and put them in the same situation with the same factors. Sports isn't like that.

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