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Originally Posted by dubey View Post
I'm not sure where the confusion is?... Conn Smythe named the team and you have a quote from him explaining why the name was chosen..
... well, did you read the essay linked dubey? Its an interesting hypothesis & question. Did Smythe "really" re-name the St.Pats the Maple Leafs altruistically based on the inspirational emblem worn on the sleeves of Canadian Soldiers who sacrificed & died for King & Country?

Or did he piggyback, call them the Maple Leafs in order to capitalize on the success of the Baseball Team while simultaneously patronising the owner of that club who also owned the largest arena facility in Toronto at that time, a guy he'd need on-board and on-side in the early years if he was going to have a chance at success? Entirely possible.

And then when asked "why Maple Leafs Major Smythe"? Concocting that Mothers Milk story about the Maple Leaf being selected for purely honourable reasons. Revising history. Turning himself into a Saint. I love it. Makes perfect sense. No one would ever dare question his patriotism or motives the minute he invoked that whole "we are Marshall" and "The Maple Leaf Forever" palather. Conn Smythe was an outright Irish Huckster. Believe me. Know all about the type. I come from a long line of em.

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